not a lot about vegetables

I have been brought to my knees by potato blight, hail storms, supermarket buyers and drought, but none of that prepared me for the last two months of website hell. As we have matured we have become calmer and more philosophical about coping with the uncontrollable, but the last few weeks have left me wanting to scream and shout, punch and stamp. I can’t remember feeling such frustration since I wept in a field of dying potatoes 25 years ago. If only a temper tantrum and a sledgehammer would help.

I can only assume that those of you who have encountered our website falling over or running at a snail’s pace, or have had the wrong stuff delivered, must be feeling the same way. Most of you are showing much more maturity than me. We are getting some understandably irate calls (and our favourite message “I’ll have to apologise to my laptop for all the terrible things I’ve said to it tonight” from a customer on Facebook), but for the most part I am amazed by, and incredibly thankful for, your patience and loyalty. Without it, the business I am so proud of would be in dire straits. I am also very grateful to and proud of our staff and your local veg teams. They are equally frustrated but are working unbelievably hard to keep some semblance of service going.

Apologies and explanations start to sound lame at this point. A tantrum might bring some brief relief, but I would quickly feel foolish wielding a sledgehammer surrounded by whirring debris. So we must feign maturity and sort out the mess. There is no doubt we have made mistakes, but we are slowly climbing up what is proving to be a very slippery pole, back to normality.

We do have the first English new potatoes in the boxes this week and there is lots going on in the fields, but right now all that seems to matter is a string of noughts and ones being shepherded around the ether. Once again thank you for your patience. We will get there. If not I am off to live in a cave.

Guy Watson

5 responses to “not a lot about vegetables

  1. Must be very frusrating. I know I would have given up by now.

  2. The first time I had trouble, I was so glad to find out it was a problem with your website & not our computer that I didn’t mind (sorry! !). My computer has brought out so many new swear words that I didn’t even know were lurking in my vocabulary! So long as you keep sending the fruit & veg (even the wrong ones !), we’ll forgive you just about anything.

  3. Richrd Davies

    I am (sorry, was) an engineer. We were all very familiar with the American mantra “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and we all came to believe in it. I really do understand how you feel. Rather you than me.
    As it happens, the web site hasn’t given me any significant grief yet, but I probably shoudn’t have said that.

  4. Marianne Gardner

    But we love you Guy – stop beating yourself up. Riverford along with the Soil Association have been major in my and so many other people’s lives. x

  5. Guy, i often find that screaming and shouting is a great way of relieving stress. After that you can collect your thoughts and get back on track. :) hang in there

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