Organic persimmons from Spain

organic persimmon fruitYou may find organic persimmons in your box this week. These are yellowy orange fruit with a sweet fragrant flesh and are grown in the South of Spain by Joaquin Pérez.

Joaquin has been farming organically for 10 years and bio-dynamically for 2 years. He also grows apricots and peaches on his farm, 60km south of Valencia, which he sells in the local area.

Persimmons are best eaten fresh, when still fairly firm. Eat them on their own or try in salads, with poultry, lamb or pork or in desserts.

Have you tried them?

3 responses to “Organic persimmons from Spain

  1. In Italy cachi (persimmon fruit) are eaten when very soft and mouthwateringly sweet. Some have seeds in them, and inside the seed it is said there are a spoon and fork…as I child I have been looking for these and never found any! They are a great treat at the beginning of winter, as grapes start to disappear and mandarini are just coming up. Almost every garden in Pianura Padana has a cachi tree and one can see the green and then orange fruits take a place of pride among the foliage.
    A lovely addition, but as I said, I would wait until they are nicely soft, almost scaringly so, to eat them at their sweetest and best. They ripen well in a wooden crate kept in the dark.

  2. Very interesting – thank you for this info 🙂

  3. Muy Bueno Cookbook

    Hola, I just wanted to let you know that I am crazy in love with persimmons and came up with a superb persimmon margarita. I have since moved to Germany from America and used some persimmons from Spain and they were extraordinary. Here is a link to our Persimmon Margarita recipe. If I am ever in your area I would love to come visit your persimmon orchard. Besos, Veronica.

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